First of all welcome to our party shop!


This is the bit where we bore you with our life story, and how it all started, but felt it necessary to explain why we are so passionate about our shop and why we opened it!


Heidi and Paul ( that’s us!), were both born into the same family (cousins) in 1971 (yes that long ago!) in Haywards Heath, and were incredibly lucky to have a wonderful grandmother who used to look after us at every opportune moment much to our parent’s relief!


So we grew up spending school holidays together with Grandma and Grandad, baking cakes (making a mess!), and using their home as a big play area! Grandma’s clothes horse and sheets were used as a tent and the sofa managed to cope with years of abuse being used as a trampoline, car, plane or whatever we wanted it to be! And she never once complained!!

She loved all her grandchildren and let kids be kids and allowed our imagination to flow.


Things have changed since then, especially with parties, different themes, school and work dress up days and Halloween.

Heidi has been in the party industry for ten years and uses every opportunity to have a fancy dress knees up! Casino nights, Hawaiian extravaganza’s, Hollywood red carpet events, Western show downs, scary Halloween, absolutely everything!

Paul on the other hand loved cars and went into that business!


When our Grandma sadly passed away in 2010 we decided to make Heidi’s dream come true and open up a completely different shop, run by people who are passionate about parties!


We also wanted to carry on with her legacy for supporting children’s charities. We have chosen Rockinghorse as it does a huge amount of good work for children in the Sussex and Surrey area. A percentage of Fun Bags Party Shop income will be donated to Rockinghorse as well as all our fun days.


The shop is brimming with exciting goodies to make your party or event memorable and Heidi and her girls are on hand to help you with any questions and ideas.


If Paul is there, and not at his garage, he will be sitting behind Grandma Jean’s sweet emporium, tasting all the different types of old fashioned confectionery because that’s an important job!


We will be holding regular weekend themed charity fun days with free face painting, goodies and prizes, so please come and join us!

If you are a school, club or workplace and are having a dress up day contact us in advance as we can offer discount to your pupils and staff!


And if you are unable to visit us you can use our website or ring our staff for any advice or help. Also feel free to send us pictures of your parties and any useful tips you may have that we can share with all our customers.

Fun Bags Party Shop was opened to make people smile, have a fun time and for children to have great memories like we did!

The Fun Has Only Just Begun!


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