Hello and welcome to the Fun Bags Party Shop Tips & Ideas page. This page was set up for anyone who's ever thrown a party, or is about to throw their very first party to share both their highs and lows. A party can mean anything from drinks and a few nibbles to a formal dinner party. A successful party isnt just about the food - it's about the planning, the designing and the execution! I would like to share some of the wisdom and experience i've collected over the years and hopefully you will do the same by emailing me both your tips and ideas. A very famous governess once said, 'Lets start at the very beginning,' so lets do that and start with the planning.


Allow plenty of time to plan, taking into consideration your guests likes/dislikes and dietary needs.


Mail your invitations mid-week so your guests will receive them for the weekend - this will give your guests more time to RSVP promptly.


Consider party numbers, the environment and the time of year.


If you are catering for dozens rather than a few consider disposable plates, cutlery and napkins.


Do not leave food out at room temperature for more than two hours. It can also be difficult to gauge appetites so always have a good supply of nibble foods as a stand by - garlic bread, cheese straws, crackers, crisps, olives, tartletts etc...


Try and do as much of the food preparation as you can the day before - particulary the starter and/or the pudding. Don't over stuff your fridge, cold air must be allowed to circulate in order to keep foodstuffs under the safe 4c temperature and keep raw foods and cooked foods seperate.


Take into account the nature of the food when it comes to serving it. Bite-size food is easy to handle and is a must for any party on the go.


Always serve food on clean plates and wash your fruit and salad/veg before serving.


Replace empty platters with clean ones rather than adding fresh food to a soiled dish.


Provide a good selection of soft drinks as well as the alcoholic variety - not everybody drinks. If you are thinking of serving white wine or beer, chill it early, the day before if you have the room. Red wine should be opened an hour before to allow it to breathe.


If you don't have the room to chill everything in the fridge just simply place ice, salt and water in a large bucket or sink - this will chill your drink much faster than the freezer.


What about the music? If you have an Ipod or MP3 player why not make a file of party music that will last the length of your function, hook it up to your stereo and you are an instant DJ! That way you won't have to worry about the music stopping and the atmosphere being killed. Think of the theme of your party too, if it's a Halloween bash add a spooky song every 20 minutes. A fun festive song for Christmas etc. Your guests will appreciate the effort!


Keep in mind your party theme too. You can either go all out or just use subtle touches to add to the overall atmosphere. Little touches that make guests smile can be just as important as elaborate decorations but if you can afford it go as wild as you can! It's a party after all!


Remember it's your party too so the more you organise and plan the more time you will have to actually enjoy the event. You want to be a great host but you also want to look back and remember the fun you had with your guests!


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