The Biggest Vegas Casino Wins In History

Angie Harper - EditorAngie Harper - 02 May 2020 in Features

The Biggest Vegas Casino Wins In History

Can you imagine the pure exhilaration of winning millions of dollars when playing at a casino? It sure must be an incredible feeling to go from rags to riches in an instant. Some people have been lucky enough to experience this. Here are some of the biggest recorded casino wins in history.

The World War II vet that got lucky, twice!

Looks like lightning does strike twice! The odds of winning millions of dollars when playing at a slot machine somewhere in Vegas are pretty slim. If you do happen to win a good amount, you can consider yourself extremely lucky. But what if you are able to win millions of dollars, not just once, but twice?

Elmer Sherwin is a World War II vet that that found himself starting at a slot machine screen telling him he had won millions of dollars on two different occasions. Sherwin was 76 years old when he bagged his first, but not his biggest win, of $4.6 million dollars playing the Megabucks jackpot. What’s more? This happened on the very first day that the casino ‘The Mirage’ opened its doors to the public.

Sherwin had a hunch he could win a second time and he continued playing slots on a weekly basis. His intuition came true 16 years later when he won a whopping $21 million playing on the very same jackpot – Megabucks Jackpot.

Sherwin donated a large chunk of his second windfall of wealth to charity.

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The woman that spoke to her slot machine

Have you ever been so in-tune with the slot machine that you were able to talk to it? Well, that is what Amy Nishimura claims happened. Nishimura was 71 years old at the time. She was on a holiday to Vegas, a regular vacation for her. Every visit to Vegas, she would play on the same slot machine which was in the Freemont Hotel.

The fateful day, Nishimura started gambling with a budget of $100 and went on to win a massive 9 million dollars after having played for a period of three hours. She said she talked to the machine in order to get lucky.

A drop in the ocean

Kerry Packer, an Australian billionaire, was accustomed to lavish money blowing at swanky Vegas casinos. Packer certainly wasn’t the kind that had his whole life and future riding on a gamble, but he did love to visit the casinos and play to his hearts content.

In 1997, during one of his Vegas trips, Packer is said to have won somewhere between $20 million - $40 million while playing blackjack and baccarat. If you think Packer was a lucky man, what about his doorman whom he allegedly tipped a million!

Packer’s extravagant trips to high-end casinos around the world obviously didn’t come to an end with this victory. Unfortunately, he once lost a massive $28 million in a casino situated in London, just a couple of years after his win in Vegas.

The Biggest Vegas Casino Wins In History

There is no such thing as too much money

A 60 year old woman bagged a healthy $680,000 while playing on The Wheel of Fortune. Most of us, at this point, would have packed up and left the casino and gone straight to the bank to deposit our new found wealth, or maybe some of us would get out and find ways to splurge thousands of dollars in lavish ways. But this senior lady, apparently, wasn’t satisfied. She didn’t stop playing the machines at Vegas and only months later, her luck struck again. She won an incredible $27 million in the Megabucks Jackpot.

In this case – quitting while you are ahead definitely would not have been the right strategy.

The Mystery Basketball fan

A man that preferred to remain unidentified was in Vegas for a basketball game. Obviously, in the days leading up to the game, since he was in Vegas anyway, he indulged in a bit of gambling. The anonymous man was 25 years old and hailed from Los Angeles.

He walked out of a Vegas casino that day with one of the biggest casino wins of history – a whopping $39 million dollars! He is said to have opted for a $1.5 million dollar payout per year for the next 25 years instead of taking the entire lumpsum at once.

The level headed 25 year old was an engineer and obviously was in Vegas to support his favorite basketball team – the LA Lakers. He is said to have spent just $100 dollars over a couple of hours before he saw the Jackpot sign flash on the screen in front of him and the music started blaring!

Winner or loser?

Did you know that most lottery winners end up broke again? And pretty soon, too. It seems unfathomable how they manage this, but it is a common occurrence around the world. Maybe the nouveau riche simply aren’t aware of know how to handle and manage their money and assets. Postal worker John Tippin went through another sort of ordeal after winning several million dollars in Vegas while playing Megabucks.

In fact, Tippin even wrote and published a book about his lonely life after his casino win. The book chronicles the pitfalls of hitting a casino jackpot and becoming a multimillionaire. It was published in 2001.

We are not quite sure how to feel for him. We would gladly trade places if it would make us richer by millions of dollars.

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