About Us

Flashcasino.org started out a few short years ago as a concept thrown about by a few like-minded online gambling execs. The idea was to develop a fresh, current and leading independent online gambling guide and portal, specialising in showcasing only the most reputable online casinos with the most generous and worthwhile no deposit bonuses.

Well, as you can see if you're reading this, that early concept has turned into a reality and today Flashcasino.org attracts new and seasoned online casino fans from all over the globe seeking the finest virtual casinos and bonus offers. Read on to learn more about our mission, vision, values, why we do what we do and how we do what we do.

Our Mission

To ensure we give all visitors to our site have access to the most current, reputable, generous and thoroughly vetted online casinos with the most worthwhile, easy to claim and most rewarding bonuses and promotions applicable to their location.

Our Vision

To become 'the' go to premier online casino portal for online casino fans all over the world who are looking to play at the most exceptional, safest and reputable casinos in operation, with the most attractive bonuses, promotions, new game releases, VIP programs and everything else online casino-related.

Our Values

Our entire operation is built on the values highlighted below. We keep each in mind every day to ensure we remain true to not only ourselves, but to every visitor that comes to this site with one purpose - to find the best online casinos and bonuses.

By being true to our values, we can ensure that visitors to our site always find what they are looking for, and thus return frequently as well as spread the word about us. In that way we can grow the site exponentially and deliver precisely what we promise.

So with that in mind, here are the values that determine what we are, who we are, where we are going and how we regard our target market and the online casinos we choose to feature.

  • TrustTrust

    We believe in building trustworthy and hopefully long-standing relationships all of our stakeholders from visitors to our site to the biggest and best online gaming sites that we choose to promote solely because their casinos and offers are that good.

  • accountabilityAccountability

    We are fully accountable i.e. responsible for any and all information on this site, including but not limited to reviews, directories, feature articles, newsletters and any of form of published data. We install accountability in all of our staff members, but particularly our casino experts who seek out and review only the best casinos.

  • ownershipOwnership

    We take complete ownership of what we do and how we do it. Saying that we list the best casinos and promotions is not simply a convenient slogan or motto, but the very core of our business. That's why we have no time for mediocre gaming sites.

  • honestyHonesty

    We are all too aware that some online casino guides are less than honest in their appraisals of online casinos to make them seem more attractive than they are. We avoid this pitfall completely by solely focusing on 'best in class' sites that tick all the right boxes and whose positive characteristics are plain to see and speak for themselves.

  • HumilityHumility

    While we strive to be the best online casino portal, we're well aware that perfection cannot be achieved overnight. Hence we are not afraid to humble ourselves and admit that only through ongoing trial and error will we discover the ideal balance of information vs. user experience that will attract visitors to this site and retain them.

  • funFun

    We aim to deliver information in a fresh, concise, accurate, user-friendly and fun way that will appeal to all level of online casino fans from first time players to seasoned pros who know their way around top online casinos. The global online casino industry is centred around offering fun, escapism and entertainment, and thus so are we.

  • integrityIntegrity

    We believe that our word is our bond, which is why when we talk about only promoting the best casinos with the best no deposit and other types of bonuses, they are without doubt the very best. That is our promise to you and to ourselves.

  • team workTeam Work

    This is crucial for any type of sustainable success in business, which is why our various 'departments' are split into teams, where ideas, opinions, input and debate from each individual team member is not only tolerated, but actively encouraged.

  • QualityQuality

    We believe quality is everything. That's why every aspect of our site from our reviews, directories, landing pages, blogs and feature articles to our featured casinos and their games, bonuses, promos, banking methods and customer care facilities are top quality because nothing less is acceptable.

  • boldnessBoldness

    We are firmly believe that 'bigger is better.' In other words, we are bold in our proclamations that the casinos we promote truly are the best in terms of the size and quality of their game suites and bonus offers. Our philosophy is if you don't believe a casino is as good as we say it is, try it for yourself and let us know what you thought. We welcome all feedback - good and bad, because that's how we grow.

  • commitment to playersCommitment To Players

    Well this is the real crux of what we do. We are committed to players i.e. you and every other visitor to our site that is interested in pursuing the best possible online casino experience. Commitment is an ongoing process which is why we never stop seeking ways to improve the player experience, and are constantly on the lookout for fresh and exciting new casinos and bonuses to share with you.

  • InnovationInnovation

    From the way our site is laid out, to the ways our casino experts seek out and review exemplary online casinos to the way we communicate information to the many visitors on our site, we're always trying to find new, dynamic and more innovative methods to make the process increasingly effective, fun and memorable.

Why We Do What We Do

Many people ask us why we do what we do and the answer is pretty simple. We love matching online casino fans with the best online casinos and bonus offers.

Why We Do What We Do

There is an enormous sense of satisfaction that comes with cutting through the noise and BS that is so prevalent in the international online gambling industry by giving online casino exactly what they want.

That is to say providing them with an up-to-date, accurate and unrivalled directory of the very best online casinos in operation that they can trust 100% and sign up with from their particular location without fail.

It's no secret that many online casino portals recommend casinos with no thought to where in the world a player is located. Because unlike land casinos that let most players walk in provided they are of the legal gambling age, many online casinos have country restrictions in place.

In other word, if you happen to live in one of these restricted countries (unbeknownst to yourself), you may only see a pop-up alerting you of this while half way through the new account registration process which you'll no doubt find frustrating and disappointing.

This will never happen to you on this website because of our sophisticated geolocation software that automatically picks up your country, before automatically populating a list of casinos that 100% welcome players from your country.

How We Do What We Do

Because we're in the business of providing visitors to our site with accurate and useful information, we have employed some of the best casino researchers and experts in the business.

How We Do What We Do

Together they form our casino research and review team and they have but one responsibility or task - to find the very best casinos with the best bonus offers.

To achieve this, once they've thoroughly researched the casino online and found no evidence of dishonesty, fraud or an abundance of player complaints, they apply a tried and tested set of criteria to it.

These rating criteria will without fail reveal whether said site is a poor, average or exemplary online gambling destination. Needless to say, we are only interested in evaluating and signing off on casinos in the last category.

Only once an exemplary casino has been sought out and thus thoroughly tested, vetted and examined in every way to ensure its fairness, honesty, integrity and likeliness that it will be popular with visitors to this site, is it comprehensively reviewed in a completely unbiased and neutral way before being added to our ever-growing casino list.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries, compliments or criticisms, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to . We'll endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours if not sooner.

If there's anything you'd like us to include in our site to make your overall online gaming journey easier, more entertaining or more fruitful, drop us a line and we'll seriously consider it.