Terms and Conditions

Users who use our website agree to terms and conditions outlined in this page and are obligated to make themselves aware of the terms and policies outlined here. We have the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without informing the user. When such changes do occur, the new terms and conditions will be posted on the website and depending on the circumstances, an email might be sent to the users informing them of the new updates.

1. Definitions

1.1. The capitalized terms used below assumes the following meaning:

  • Website refers to https://flashcasino.org and all localised versions which are translated to different languages, which could be available either at flashcasino.org or any of its subdomains or separate domains.
  • Plural pronouns in the first-person such as Us, We or Our refer to the website operator.
  • User refers to an individual or legal person who accesses and uses the website. Users can also be referred to in second person pronouns such as You or Your.
  • You will a detailed explanation of the term Guarantees in section 5.1 of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Privacy Protection Policy and Privacy Policy refers to the privacy protection and personal data policy of the Website which is detailed in section 6 of these Terms.
  • Data comprises of all information submitted by the User on the Website.
  • Cookie refers to a small text file that gets sent to your browser from the Website or from third party websites.
  • Data Protection Laws this refers to any relevant laws that govern the processing of personal Data. This includes the GDPR, Directive 96/46/EC as well any national regulations or laws that are in force.
  • GDPR refers to General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  • EU Cookie Law refers to the directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 which was amended in 2006 and 2009.

2. General terms

2.1. The Website supplies guidance, suggestions and independent information to visitors who are interested in playing at online casinos. This website is not an online casino provider nor does it provide any other form of online gambling. Do note that any and all information provided here is only for information and should not be taken as legal advice under any circumstances.

2.2. While we take every effort to update our website on a regular basis and provide accurate information, this may not be the case at all times due to the continuous change that the online gambling industry is subject to. Therefore we can give no guarantee on the 100 percent accuracy of information provided here and take no liability for any damages resulting from the use of data found on this website.

2.3. This Website has links to third-party websites. The Website does not have any influence over the content of such external third-party websites and takes no liability for their content. We always advise our visitors to take the time and go through the terms and conditions of these third-party websites before taking part in any online gambling activities.

2.4. Viewers who access and use this Website, automatically gives their consent to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Protection Policy and acknowledges that he or she has understood and will comply with these Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy.

2.5. We wish to inform all Users that they will serve as data subjects as their personal data gets processed through the Website. By giving their consent to the terms and conditions laid out in the Privacy Protection Policy, users also automatically agree to several consents over the processing of personal data required by the Website. To find out more information on processing User’ data, do read section 6 of these Terms.

2.6. Users who access this Website, confirms that they are a natural person and is 18 years and above with full legal capacity. Any user who is below the age of 18 is not permitted to visit this website as well as individuals who are below the required age to engage in online gambling in their respective jurisdictions. It is left completely up to the User’s discretion to decide whether it is legal for them to gamble online within their jurisdiction. They are also obligated to research and find any other legal requirements in force based on their jurisdiction.

2.7. We reserve the right to restrict access to our Website or limit certain parts of our Website to Users who are located within certain countries or territories, in order to comply with local regulations.

2.8. If any User finds information on our website that is inaccurate or finds that our Website does not comply with gaming regulations outlined in their jurisdiction or country, they can get in touch with us at [email protected]. We take every step to ensure that our website remains in full compliance with gaming regulations in all countries where users can access our website.

2.9. If for any event some of the terms do not comply with regulations in a User’s jurisdiction or country, all of the other Terms remain valid and fully applicable.

2.10. All trademarks, logos and texts found on the Website fall under our intellectual property rights. Do note that all trademarks and logos of other online gambling providers, payment providers featured on our website come under their respective intellectual property rights. The reason we use and publish this trademarks and logos is because we are referring to the online casino’s services. Should you want to copy any of the content found here to other websites, you can do so only by using working do follow backlinks in the following format html tag. If you don’t want to use the tag, do check with us for prior approval. You can publish content found on our website at Wikipedia.org without using the no-follow backlinks html tag.

3. Forum rules

3.1. When a user enters the forum and starts to interact with the community, the User agrees that they will not post any material (post, image or link) which is defamatory, false, vulgar, inaccurate, hateful, abusive, harassing, profane, obscene, sexually oriented, discriminatory, threatening, invades another person's privacy, copyrighted material or adult material without gaining the full consent of the copyright owner. The user also agrees not to post any data or information which in any shape or form violates any third party rights or relevant laws.

3.2. Do note that abusive behavior or activities such as posting the same message to more than one thread or topic section, flooding, spamming, using chain letters, advertisements or promotions, marketing materials, special bonuses, pyramid schemes and solicitation or sending mass private messages or emails are strictly prohibited.

3.3. The Website will not tolerate any abusive behavior and if any user is found to have engaged in such behavior, the administration team reserves the right to edit, close or delete any thread. The admin team also reserves the right to suspend the User’s account at any time without giving prior notice.

3.4. Any and all messages posted to the forum detail the opinions and views of individual Users and in no way endorse or reflect our opinions or views. The Website’s admin team cannot read and review every message posted on the forum and hence we take no responsibility for the posts and their contents found on the forum.

3.5. We reserve the right to be transparent and reveal the User’s identity (or any other relevant information collected on the Website) to the relevant authorities in case there is a formal complaint or legal action initiated due to the User’s activity on our Website or forum.

4. Dispute mediation service

4.1. The Website offers users a dispute mediation service with no charges associated with it. This mediation service is made available to effectively manage complaints raised by the Users and arise from disputed transactions against any online gambling operator irrespective of the amount being disputed. Users can file a complaint by filing out a form found here.

4.2. Users who submit a complaint to our Website, automatically authorizes us to represent them when dealing with the respective online gambling operator. Users also agree that once they submit the complaint, they will be actively involved in the mediation process and any ongoing discussions. In individual cases, the Users could be contacted to either (i) send an authorization email (via a form which can be downloaded here) to the relevant online gambling operator or (ii) to provide us with a formal authorization in order to represent the User in the mediation process with the concerned online gambling operator. The template for the formal authorization form can be found here.

4.3. A User who submits a complaint to the Website, automatically authorizes us to request and/or receive any and all information from the relevant online gambling operator. The information requested is related to the User‘s registration details, casino account, gambling logs and activity as well as any other information which could help to identify and solve the dispute raised and help reach a justified decision.

4.4. We have the right to refuse a compliant or drop a complaint at any time if we discover that the complaint is frivolous or vexatious in nature. We can also refuse a complaint or stop managing the process if we find that the User is not cooperative during the complaint management process or refuses to provide us with sufficient evidence that can validate their complaint. We can also refuse a complaint if we find that the User has violated the terms and conditions of the relevant online gambling operator or when we find that the User is abusive, disrespectful, disparaging or makes threats when communicating with the Website team.

5. Guarantees

5.1. In some cases, we may, although we are not legally obligated to issue payment guarantees to Users who play at selected online gambling platforms published on the Website, which guarantee the payment of individual cash prizes or a player’s account balance which is due to the affected User. These exceptions are made when and if the User puts in a legitimate payment request but the operator of the relevant online gambling platform does not agree to pay the claimed amount to the User (the "Guarantees").

5.2. The Guarantees are limited to a max of 10,000 EUR (or the equivalent in a different currency based on the calculation of the current European Central Bank exchange rate found at the time the payment is to be issued to) the User.

5.3. Guarantees will only be applicable to outstanding payments of cash prizes to individuals or a player’s account balance that is payable to the User by the relevant online gambling platforms which are designated by a "Payment Guaranteed" stamp found on the Website at the time of the User’s account registration at the online gambling platform’s website.

5.4. The Guarantee will be paid to the concerned User only if:

  • the User’s account registration at the relevant online gambling website was made through a link found on the Website. We advise Users to get in touch with the concerned online gambling platforms customer support team and confirm if your account registration was done through the link published on the Website;
  • the User has submitted their complaint to the Website in compliance with section 4 of these Terms; and
  • we come to a decision based on our sole discretion, that the relevant online gambling platform has violated the rules of our fair gambling codex.

6. Privacy Protection Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to both the Website’s owner and operator as well as Users of this website. We take the privacy of our Users data very seriously. This policy is applicable to all Data and information collected by Us as well as data and information provided by Users who use the Website.

6.1. Privacy Protection Policy Scope

  • This Privacy Policy is only applicable to our actions and the actions of Users with regards to this Website. The Privacy Policy does not cover any other websites that can be accessed from links found on this Website which include but are not limited to any links to online casinos.
  • Based on Data Protection Laws, We assume the role of the "data controller" which means that We decide the purpose and the method in which is your Data collected and processed.

6.2. Data collected

  • We may collect the following Data listed below which could include personal Data from our Users such as outlined in this privacy policy:
    • Contact information such as phone number and email address
    • Automatically collect information such as IP address, operating system and web browser type.

6.3. How Data is collected

  • We use the following ways to collect data:
    • Data provided by Users to Us
    • Data collected automatically from Users

6.3.1. Data provided to Us by Users

  • We collect Data provided by Users in a number of different ways. Some of them include:
    • When Users get in touch with the Website via email or any other means
    • When Users send in their complaints for the purpose of improving Our services (Do note that Users are not mandated to send in a complaint or include their e-mail address or any other Data)

6.3.2. Data collected automatically

  • Some Data gets collected automatically when Users visit the Website. Here is an example:
    • Some of the information which gets automatically collected when you visit our Website include your IP address, the date and times you access the Website, the frequency of Your visits as well as the way You interact with the content found on the Website. This information is useful to Us as it helps us make relevant changes to the content found on the Website and its features to make your online experience better.
    • We use cookies to automatically collect Your Data based on the cookie settings on your browser. To find out more information see section 6.10.

6.4. Our use of Data

  • The above mentioned Data is required by Us from time to time so that we can provide our Users with the best online experience possible when browsing our Website. The Data collected by Us may be specifically used for the following reasons based on the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy:
    • make improvement to our products or services
    • different purposes for which the Data was provided by the User to Us
  • We will end up using your Data for the above purpose if We think it is necessary for Our legitimate interests. If You are not happy with this, You have the right to refuse based on certain circumstances (see section 6.7).
  • We will not rent, share or sell personal information about Our Users to other third parties or any companies.

6.5. Keeping Data secure

  • We use both organisational and technical procedures to protect Your Data:
    • We collect and store Your Data on secure servers
    • Only Website admin have access to the Data
  • The procedures to safeguard Your Data include measures to deal with any suspected data hack. If you suspect any loss, misuse or unauthorised access to Your Data, do get in touch with us immediately by emailing us at: [email protected]

6.6. Data retention

  • Unless a longer data retention period is required or legally allowed, We will keep your Data on our servers for the period required to fulfil the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy, or till the time that you submit a request for Your Data to be deleted.

6.7. Your rights

  • When it comes to your Data, You have the following rights:
    • Right to access - the right to send in a request and obtain a copy of all the information We have about You at any time as well as the right to request that We edit, update or delete Your information. Where We have the legal right to do so, We may refuse Your request. However, If We do refuse Your request, We will give you the reason(s) why your request was refused.
    • Right to correct - the right to have Your Data edited if it is deemed inaccurate
    • Right to erase - the right to have your Data deleted from Our systems
    • Right to restrict our use of Your Data - the right to prevent Us from using Your Data or limit the number of ways how We can use Your data.
    • Right to Data portability - the right to send in a request so that we copy, move or transfer Your Data
    • Right to object - the right to say No so that we cannot use of Your Data
  • If you would like to make enquiries, use any of Your rights outlined above, or withdraw Your consent denying us the right to process Your Data, do get in touch with us at: [email protected]
  • If You are not happy with the way Your complaint was handled by Us in relation to your Data, You can refer your complaint to the relevant data protection authority.
  • It is vital to us that the Data We have on You is accurate. Do keep Us informed if any of Your Data changes during the time period in which we have it on our servers.

6.8. Links to other websites

  • The Website provides links to a number of different websites. While we review in detail all the websites and links we feature on Our Website, we do not have any control over these websites and do not take any responsibility for the content displayed on these websites. This Privacy Policy does not cover Your use of such websites. We request you to take the time and go through the privacy policy or statements of other websites before you decide to use them.

6.9. Changes of business ownership and control

  • We may decide to expand or reduce Our business from time to time and this could involve the sale and/or transfer of control of a part or all of the Website. Data provided by Users will be transferred to the new owner or the newly controlling party. This will be done when and where it is relevant to any part of Our business. The new owner or controlling party under the terms of this Privacy Policy will be allowed to use the Data for the purposes for which it was originally supplied to Us.
  • If such an instance should occur, do note that We will take all the necessary steps to ensure that Your privacy is protected.

6.10. Cookies

  • The Website might end up sending and downloading certain Cookies to your computer. We rely on Cookies to improve Your experience on Our Website. We have carefully selected which Cookies to use and have taken the required measures to ensure Your privacy is respected and protected at all times.
  • All Cookies used by this Website comply with current EU Cookie Law.
  • You have the option to disable or enable Cookies in Your internet browser. Do note that by default, most internet browsers will accept Cookies, but this can be changed based on your preferences.
  • You have the option to delete Cookies at any time; however, deleting Cookies could result in saved information being lost which prevents you from accessing this Website more efficiently.
  • The full Cookie Policy can be found here.

6.11. General

  • You cannot transfer any of Your rights under this Privacy Policy to any other individual. We reserve the right to transfer Our rights under this Privacy Policy where We reasonably believe that Your rights will not be impacted.
  • If any competent authority or court finds any provision outlined in this Privacy Policy (or a part of any provision) is illegal, unenforceable or invalid, then that provision or part-provision will be deemed to be deleted to the extent required. However, the validity and enforceability of the all other provisions found in this Privacy Policy will not be impacted.

7. Final provisions

7.1. In case there any discrepancies between the language versions in English and any other language, the English version shall hold good.

7.2. The terms and conditions outlined here are subject to change. They may be changed at any time without prior notice to the User.