Best Sportsbetting Apps in the UK. Features and Benefits.

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Best Sportsbetting Apps in the UK. Features and Benefits

We have come a long way from having to go to a betting shop to place a bet on your favorite game. The evolution began with some bookies accepting bets over the phone. Then it moved online where you could get on a computer and place a bet. And now we can pull our smartphones out of our pockets and make a wager anywhere and anytime.

There are hundreds of mobile sports betting apps that you can download for your iOS or Android smartphone. However, we don’t want so many apps on our phones, do we? What everyone looks for is that one sports betting app which does everything and is best suited to their needs.

If you are considering mobile sports betting and don’t know which sports betting app to download, you are at the right place. Let’s examine three of the leading sports betting apps and what they can offer YOU, the serious sports bettor.

Best Sportsbetting Apps in the UK. Features and Benefits - Betfair


Betfair is a renowned brand when it comes to sports betting. Fans around the world have loved both the Betfair sportsbook and the Betfair exchange. The Betfair mobile app is geared towards sports betting exclusively. If you have used the online or web version of the Betfair sportsbook, you will find that a lot of the features have been made available on the mobile app too.

Mobile Operating System and Version Requirements

The Betfair app is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices only. In terms of the iOS version, the minimum requirement for Apple devices is iOS7 or higher and Android 2.1 or higher for Android operated phones. For iOS, you will be able to download the app from the iTunes app store. On the other hand you will find a download link for Android on the Betfair website.

Features and Benefits

If you are a fan of the Betfair web sports betting portal, you will love the app too. This is because the Betfair app has all the same features and covers all of the markets that the website does.

Some of the unique features offered at the Betfair app include enhanced odds specials and price boosts or price runs. A few of these features are exclusive to the app and you will not be able to find them on the web. The best part for players is that there are enhanced odds added every single day.

Another huge benefit to users of the app is the Betfair app live streaming service. The Betfair full live streaming service has been made compatible for the mobile app too. This means that you can watch your favorite sports live on your mobile device using your Betfair mobile app. If you are on the move and need to watch your favorite sports team playing live, Betfair mobile app has you covered.

More features and benefits

  • Each way edge – Add places to increase odds of winning and take away places to increase reward.
  • Racing notifications – Get notified before the start of each race so you never miss out on an opportunity.
  • In-Play Betting – Game already underway? Worry not, a huge range of sports markets on Betfair support in-play betting.
  • Notifications – Push notifications to your phone which you can setup like you want.
  • Racing bets in two taps – Just two taps and your racing bet is placed.
  • Complete range of payment options – All payment methods available on Betfair web are supported on the Betfair mobile app.

Which Sports Markets are Covered?

The Betfair app is extremely popular for football which includes the Champions League, Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. However, it covers tons of other sports betting markets too. You can bet on horse racing, tennis, greyhound racing, political elections, cricket, golf, boxing, rugby, ice hockey and many more.

How Easy is it to Place a Bet?

Placing a bet on a sporting event using the Betfair app is intuitive, easy and quick. There are six hassle-free steps that are easy to complete even for players who are not particularly tech savvy.

  • Launch the Betfair app and select the sport you want to bet on. You can choose from the list of sports or the in-play sports that are currently underway.
  • Choose what bet you want to place from one of the betting options. Your selection is added to the betting slip.
  • Click on the Betslip icon at the top right of the screen to go to the Betslip.
  • Enter the amount or sum of money that you want to stake on the bet.
  • Verify all the details on your Betslip and then click on the confirm bet check box.
  • Once you have confirmed the bet, touch the place bets button to place the bet.


Betfair is an industry leader for a reason, and they have proved themselves again with a superior quality mobile app which has managed to retain all the features of their full-fledged web sportsbook. The most impressive part yet is the fact that all payment methods available on the web are also available on the mobile app. This is not something most other sports book providers are able to pull off.

It has a great design, high usability, plenty of features, covers an extensive range of sports markets and offers plenty of benefits to the user. Betfair sports betting app is a winner!

Best Sportsbetting Apps in the UK. Features and Benefits - Paddy Power

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a force to be reckoned with in the online gambling industry. They have a particularly strong foothold when it comes to sports betting. They are certainly not new to the world of mobile apps either. A number of their mobile apps are already published on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This includes Paddy Power Poker, Paddy Power Live Casino, Paddy Power Bingo, Paddy Power Casino and Paddy Power Sports Betting.

Just how good is the Paddy Power Sports Betting app? Let’s dig deeper.

Mobile operating system and version Requirements

First things first, the Paddy Power sports betting app is only compatible with mobile devices that run either iOS or Android mobile operating systems. For iPads and iPhones, you need to be on iOS 7 or higher. For Android mobile devices you need Android 2.0.0 or higher.

Features and Benefits

The Paddy Power app is brimful with extra features, specials, promos and bonuses. One of the standout features is the one-touch betting system which really packs the wow factor. With this feature, you can make live bets really quick. This comes handy when you are trying to get that bet on in the last second.

More features and benefits

  • Same Game Multi – Convinced your team is going to win and also have a hunch as to who will score? You can up your rewards using the same game multi feature which allows you to place different bets on the same game as a single bet to win bigger.
  • Lightning Fast –The app has been optimized to launch and load up super quick so you get your last second bet before it is too late.
  • Simple navigation – Going in and around the different sections of the app is a breeze and anyone can get around and do what they want to with ease.
  • In-play horse racing bet – Has the race already started but you don’t have a bet on your horse? Well, you can take an in-play bet at Paddy Power mobile sports betting app.
  • In-play betting – Football, cricket, rugby etc. are all sports markets where you can place your bet even after the game has started already.

Which Sports Markets are Covered?

A total of over 31 sports markets are covered on the Paddy Power sports betting app. They have an A-Z list on the app where you can choose which sports market you want to bet on and then view the upcoming and in-play events in that sporting market. This includes American Football, Football, Rugby, Golf, Formula – 1, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, UFC, MMA, and even political elections to name a few. Virtually any official sport, anywhere in the world, you will be able to place a bet on it.

How Easy is it to Place a Bet?

Paddy Power sports betting app is built for ease of use. With just five touches, you can place your bet.

The five steps to placing a bet are as follows:

  • Launch the app and select your sport from the A-Z list.
  • Choose the particular event you want to bet on. It could be a future event or an in-play event for some sporting markets.
  • Touch the odds of your bet to add it to your Betslip. Touching the Betslip itself will open up the Betslip.
  • Enter the amount or stake you want to put on the bet (the potential returns if you win are shown automatically as you enter the stake).
  • Check your Betslip, verify all the details are correct and touch the place bets button.


The Paddy Power sports betting app is definitely amongst the top three sports betting apps in the market today. Their major strength is the fact that they offer all the sports markets available on web even on their mobile app. The app is quick to load and launch because it is lightweight and this can make a world of difference in placing a winning bet right on time. On the downside, there are only a few limited events that are live streamed. So, if you are big on having a live stream access to a vast number of events, this could be a deal breaker.

If you do decide to go with Paddy Power sports betting app, you should know that you will be treated to some lucrative promotions and bonuses that are exclusive to mobile app users.

Paddy Power Casino
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Best Sportsbetting Apps in the UK. Features and Benefits - BetVictor


BetVictor is known for their creative features and user-friendliness in the world of online gambling and sports betting. Their sports betting mobile app is no exception. Let’s look at the features that sets them apart, how placing a bet on the BetVictor app works, what mobile devices are supported and more.

Mobile Operating System and Version Requirements

One of the biggest drawbacks of the BetVictor sports betting mobile app is that they don’t have an app for Android mobile devices. However, we will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it is a work in progress and the Android app is something we should see in the near future.

For iOS users, you can get BetVictor app on your iPhones or your iPads as long as you are running iOS7 or higher. You can download the app directly from the iTunes store and the download size is 21mb.

Features and Benefits

When it comes to the looks and feel, the BetVictor app looks a lot like the website which is not a bad thing by any means. The website looks great and so does the app. The metallic blue and gray color scheme is classic and non-intrusive. The app is very user friendly. Navigation is easy and intuitive so even players who are not very technically savvy are able to get around the app with ease and place bets without any hassle or confusion.

More features and benefits

  • Welcome bonus – At this time, new players signing up with the mobile app get a welcome bonus.
  • Smart Cards – Get clutter-free racing info in well-presented and easy to understand smart cards that get rid of the clutter and give you the specs that matter.
  • Bet & Watch – Made a bet on your team and want to see how they get on? Well, with live streaming offered for a lot of sports and events you can watch the excitement unfold live right from your phone or tablet.
  • Bet Builder – Create a really customized bet and choose from over 32+ sports markets and hundreds of betting options. Whatever type of bet you like, you can have it.
  • In-play bet – BetVictor allows you to bet on a sporting event even if it is already underway. For instance, if you missed the start of a horse race but the race has not ended yet, you can quickly use the BetVictor app to get your bet in even in the last few seconds.
  • Cash-out – Cash-out feature is available on Football, Horse Racing and more.
  • Instabet mobile app – BetVictor has taken enhanced price offers to the next level with their Instabet mobile app feature. This is a separate app that you can get and it gives enhanced odds on specific bets that are mind blowing. If you are looking for some great betting opportunities, we highly recommend you download the Instabet mobile app along with your BetVictor sports betting app.

Which Sports Markets are Covered?

BetVictor covers over 32+ sports markets. When you launch the app, one of the first things you’ll see is a list of the markets available for you to bet on. This is an A-Z list and it is extensive with over 32 different sports to choose from. Obviously, all of the most popular sports such as Football, American Football, Cricket, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Golf, Formula 1, Tennis, Badminton, Horse Racing, Grey Hound Racing and even political events like elections are covered.

How Easy is it to Place a Bet?

Placing a bet is a simple and linear process which even punters who don’t consider themselves to be tech savvy will be able to easily follow. It is self-explanatory and you just take it one step at a time.

The five steps are detailed below:

  • Launch the BetVictor mobile app and choose the sport you want to bet on from the A-Z list of sports which you’ll see right on the homepage.
  • Select the tournament within the sport that you want to bet on (for example, if you chose football as your sport in step 1. In step 2 you would choose something like English Premier League or Champions League).
  • Make your selection by tapping from the available selection list.
  • Tap the bet slip icon and view the Betslip details.
  • Enter the stake amount.
  • Confirm the bet by clicking on the place bet button.


BetVictor sports betting app is easily one of the best out there. One of the main attractions with this is the integration with the Instabet app which is not something we have seen offered by any other bookmaker so far. In terms of short-comings, the delay of the Android app has been a bit of a deal breaker for many.

All in all, this is a well-rounded sports betting app with good looks, good functionalities and it is easy to use. If you are in search of a reliable and high quality sports betting app for your iOS mobile device, you will not regret downloading BetVictor.


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