The Ultimate Online Gambling Rich List

Angie Harper - EditorAngie Harper - 30 March 2020 in Features
The world's richest people from the casino industry

People might hope they can get rich from playing at an online casino, but the fact so many millionaires and billionaires come from the gambling industry is a sign the house always wins.

Here are five of the richest people from the casino and betting industries, plus their net worth.

The Coates family - Bet365

Right up near the top of the tree is the Coates family, who are behind the UK's Bet365 brand.

Originally a bookmaker that was founded by Peter Coates, his daughter Denise saw the benefits offered by the internet and created their online brand, Bet365.

It has been a phenomenal success and is now one of the biggest online bookmakers and casino companies in the world, recording revenues of £2.981 billion in the firm's most recent accounts.

Denise Coates earned an incredible £323 million in 2018 - including her dividend - and she is the highest-earning executive in the UK by a large distance.

She is now estimated to be worth $4.5 billion on her own but the Coates family as a whole are an awful lot richer. They are certainly among the world's richest people from the casino industry.

Approximate net worth: £6.9 billion

Calvin Ayre - Ayre Group and Bodog

Calvin Ayre - the man behind both the Ayre Group and Bodog - is one of the many billionaires to have made their fortune from the casino industry.

The Canadian launched Bodog, an online gambling company, back in 2000 and this was the brand that made his first billion.

When online gambling went through a boom in popularity during the mid-2000s, Ayre became one of the most famous faces from the sector and featured on multiple magazine covers.

Ayre then started to branch out his gambling business, with new endeavours such as Calvin Ayre WildCard Poker helping to grow his personal brand as well as swelling his net worth.

He now claims to have retired from the online gambling business and Ayre has become involved in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in the last few years.

Approximate net worth: $1.2 billion

The Moshal family - Microgaming

Completely the opposite to Ayre and his love of a celebrity lifestyle is the Moshal family, about which very little is known although they are among South Africa's richest people.

Martin Moshal is the brains behind the Microgaming brand, which is one of the biggest in the casino industry, but he has almost no public profile at all.

After studying at the University of Cape Town, the Durban-born businessman sold a software contracting company before making the majority of his fortune in the online casino industry.

Regarded as one of Africa's most generous philanthropists, Moshal has been one of the top investors in Betway, a gambling brand that has come under fire in recent months.

Moshal and his wife Ilana, who spend a lot of their time in London, are believed to be billionaires despite little being known about them. He is also the founder of venture capital investment firm Entree Capital, which has helped to swell his fortune even further.

Approximate net worth: Unknown

Mark Scheinberg - PokerStars

Mark Scheinberg set up PokerStars with his father and it grew into one of the world's biggest online gambling sites, allowing him to amass a huge fortune. Scheinberg, an Israeli-Canadian who now lives in the Isle of Man, grew PokerStars into one of the sport's most familiar names.

He left the business in 2014 when Amaya Gaming Group completed the purchase of PokerStars for $4.9 billion, a deal Forbes estimates earned Scheinberg himself some $3 billion.

Since then, Scheinberg has kept a relatively low profile but he has invested in property including Canada's Thompson Toronto hotel. He also has a stake in the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection with the online gambling boom having set Scheinberg up for the rest of his life.

Approximate net worth: £3 billion

Teddy Sagi – Playtech

Rounding off our list of some of the world's richest people from the casino industry is Teddy Sagi, who made much of his cash through the gambling software company Playtech. Sagi founded the firm in 1999 and, when it launched seven years later on the London Stock Exchange, the company was valued at around the £550 million mark. Sagi has cashed out much of his shareholding since then to fund his investments in real estate and other tech firms.

Sagi is the owner of Camden Market in London, with his other recent purchases including Mobfox, a mobile advertising company that cost him $7.5 million to buy from Matomy Media. Sagi, who has taken three firms public in his career, is said by Forbes to be one of the online gambling industry's most successful billionaires.

Approximate net worth: £3.6 billion